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How Do I Know if I Have Termites?

You can check your property for mud tubes. Mud tubes look like narrow veins along the side of your home. Termites avoid light sources. When they penetrate the surface of the object from the inside to the outside or push from the outside of the wall, they will lay mud on the exposed location in order to keep themselves from being exposed to light.

Why do termites exist? How to prevent them?

The appearance of termites has nothing to do with the height of the flat. There is a high chance of termites in places with heavy humidity, a lot of wood, water leakage or flooding. Especially in the case of heavy humidity, the most effective way to prevent termite invasion is to keep the space dry and apply termite oil to the interior of the wood, which can protect it from termites for a long time.

​What is "Baked Mist"?

The "baked mist" must be professionally treated by an insecticide company, spraying the entire indoor space to sterilize and eliminate insect pests such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, and lice. Many spraying insecticides are not comprehensive enough, and the spray is made by a special device, which mechanically converts the pesticides into fine mist particles, and the formula is highly concentrated enough to penetrate fully, in order to wipe out the pests in one go, so the technicians must bring them when operating. Face mask. The fog particle insecticide floats in the air, which can make most of the small insects hiding and hiding in the crevices to be eliminated with the fog particles "touching".

Why do you need regular extermination?

The environment of the merchants cannot be compared with that of ordinary households. If the merchants need to deal with food, they will face the situation of regular arrival of goods, sewage and garbage, etc. All these can attract pests, and it is absolutely impossible without continuous control. Usually, the pests of new customers are relatively poor. We will take the shortest time and effective solution to control them. First, we will solve the pest problems and improve the environment, and then regularly check and maintain them, which will make the pests disappear.

If you are troubled by any pests, please call 2688 6628 or email to to inquire with Scientific Pest Management (H.K.) Limited.

We professionally provide with on-the-spot assessments and formulate effective pest control programs.

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