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About Us

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Established in 1995, Scientific Pest Management (H.K.) Ltd (“SPM”) is one of the leading pest management companies in Hong Kong, providing integrated pest management services without compromising the environment or public safety.

SPM is well known to some of the biggest corporations across a diverse range of industries, including aviation, public transport, luxury cruise liners, restaurant chains, hotel chains and prestigious clubs.

Advantages of SPM

​Quality Integrated Pest Management



A comprehensive inspection will be conducted in order to thoroughly obtain a holistic view of the situation and detect any sanitation issues or structural conditions conducive to pest infestation.


Communication & Cooperation

Successful IPM programme requires adequate communication and cooperation with clients. After conducting a complete inspection, we will tailor make a solution that best suits your needs. Professional recommendations on sanitation management, structural repairs and maintenance will be also provided.



All pesticides we use are registered under Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, ensuring they are non-hazardous to humans, pets and the environment. We also have an extensive knowledge and experience in the application of different types of pesticide, which increases the effectiveness of the overall pest control treatment and reduces the amount of chemical actives used into the environment.


Monitoring & Evaluation

It is essential to monitor the pest activities and ensure pest levels are controlled. By setting up monitoring units at the site and reviewing the number of pests caught or pesticide consumed, this can allow us to evaluate the pest infestation level at the site which will facilitate the necessary actions to take.



Written service report will be provided after each service, specifically documenting all pesticides used and locations, results of monitoring, and an action plan to correct any pest issues, as well as any structural and sanitation recommendations.


Much more than just spraying pesticides, SPM develops and implements an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which brings together different control techniques into one programme to solve your pest problems while reducing the use of chemicals and thus minimising risks to people and the environment.

Professional Technicians

Our professional technicians are highly trained in the latest pest-control technologies. They are able to determine the best treatment method for your pest control problem, preventing future infestations and ensuring total customer satisfaction.


Quality Assurance


We are committed to providing quality services and products that exceed our customers’ expectations and cause minimal impact to the environment. All SPM staff are required to abide by relevant government legislation and refer to the relevant international standards and the experience of other places.

Professional Recognition

We maintain accreditation to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standard, ensuring that all aspects of our services follow a stringent specification and consistent operational standard. These internationally recognized certifications have further strengthened our customer¡¦s confidence in our superior service quality.

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Proven Track Record


SPM is a professional pest management company with extensive experience in the pest control industry. We have been serving over 700 customers across a diverse range of industries, including aviation, public transportation, luxury cruise liners, food catering chain stores, hotel chains and prestigious clubs.

Control of Pesticides

The pesticides used by SPM are registered under Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, at the recommended concentration and application rate. Our aim is to achieve maximum with minimum pesticide use.


Environmentally Responsible


As an environmentally responsible company, our philosophy is to provide the most effective pest management solutions to clients without compromising the environment or public safety. We guarantee not to use Organochlorine chemicals in any of our pest control services.

24 Hour
Emergency Services

SPM provides 24 hour emergency service and takes quick responsive action to all service calls.

In the event of emergency, service will be responded to within 2-3 hours upon receiving the call.

Benefits of SPM
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Effective solve your pest problems
Protect your health
Preserve company's image & reputation
Avoid damage to property
Prevent Transmission of diseases
Save time for core business activities
Less hassle
Full compliance of peace of mind
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Our Parent Company

ESG is a leading independent facility management company in Greater China. With world-class technology and top tier expertise, we add value to our customer’s facilities and attain total customer satisfaction.


We have over 15,000 employees providing quality services for airports, hospitals, libraries, government offices, education institutions, industrial and commercial facilities across China and Hong Kong. ESG owns the pride of being the only national brand participating in both the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo.

Founder in HK in 1953
​60+ years of exp.
​Leading independent Facility Management Company in Great China
Experienced management team
15 branch offices across
30+ cities
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15,000+ employees
​across China & HK
800+ customers
One-stop solution provider
Cross functional team support
For more information about ESG, please click here .
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