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Bird Control


In Hong Kong, sparrows and pigeons are the most common birds appeared on plaza, platforms, roof-tops or even inside a building. In general, they live in groups and are not aggressive to humans, but their feathers and faeces would cause adverse effect to environmental hygiene and damage to properties. The bird faeces do not only affect the appearance of a car or a building, but also create erosion on the coatings of cars or walls. Apart from carrying diseases such as encephalitis, pneumonia, H9N2 avian flu, birds droppings also attract other pests like cockroaches, leading to the spread of bacteria throughout buildings and food storage areas. Bodies of dead birds will bring the same problem.


According to the actual situation, SPM develops and implements an effective bird control solution. We treat the bird infestation with an integrated pest management which consists of different effective and humane control methods, sanitation management as well as structural proofing measures.

warning (1).png
  • Transmit diseasws (e.g.H5N1)
  • Contaminate food
  • Acidic droppings damage property
  • Create slippery walkways
  • ​Attract other pests
  1. Inspection
  2. Bird Net
  3. Trapping Device
  4. ​Evaluation Report
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