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About Scientific Pest Management (H.K.)

Established in 1995, Scientific Pest Management (H.K.) Ltd (“SPM”) is one of the leading pest management companies in Hong Kong, providing integrated pest management services without compromising the environment or public safety.

SPM is well known to some of the biggest corporations across a diverse range of industries, including aviation, public transport, luxury cruise liners, restaurant chains, hotel chains and prestigious clubs.


Benefits of Using Our Services

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Effectively Solve Your Pest Problems

Protect Company's Image & Reputation

Avoid Damage to Property

Prevent Transmission of Diseases


Save Time for Core Business Activities

Environmentally Friendly

Less Hassle

Full Compliance of Peace of Mind

                 Cockroaches Control 

                 Rodents Control

                 Flying Insects Control

                 Bedbugs Control

                 Ants Control

                 Termites Control




                 Hotline: 2688 6628

                 Fax: 3890 3339











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